Feb 28, 2017

Gift Package: "Crystal Mine" by RustyBox

To show our appreciation to donors, we’ve been sending out two gift packages since last Christmas. Since we plan on making more of such gift packages in the future, we decided it was a good idea to keep everyone up-to-date about what’s in there.

However, in order to enjoy this extra content, usually provided in the form of an add-on and appropriate installation instructions for the operating systems we support, you will need to donate (via PayPal, since we can’t know your email address when you’re donating Bitcoins). Donations help us finance project-related infrastructure, paying developers or artists, and sending developers to conferences or similar. All donors get access to current, past, and future gift packages.

The current gift package contains the level “Crystal Mine” by RustyBox. It’s the first official level to use the crystal cave tiles and supposed to connect Icy Island with Forest Island in a future release of SuperTux. In addition, it features various other unique elements.

Screenshot of the "Crystal Mine" level Screenshot of the "Crystal Mine" level

Screenshots: RustyBox

If you have any questions or problems with the donation process, please send an email to team@ this domain.