Here is the page to download SuperTux in all its many forms!

Current Stable Release (0.6.3)

The main releases of SuperTux are available on Windows, macOS and Linux. Listed here are the download links for the current stable release.


SuperTux packages are also available in many Linux distributions.



Other Downloads

The official releases are the only available releases of SuperTux; Nightly Builds and the source code exist! You can also get SuperTux for Android!

Nightly Builds

Are you interested in playing the most recent development build and trying out new features? Look no further than…

  • SuperTux Nightly Builds! Note that these builds are highly unstable and might cause damage to your computer! Play at your own risk!

Source Code

Do you want the direct source code of the game to do whatever you want with? Get it here:


If you want to add SuperTux to your personal website, you may do so with these files.

Make sure to check the README.txt file inside the archive for instructions on how to setup your server to run SuperTux properly. You may also find the details here. If you see an error saying that SharedArrayBuffers are missing, make sure you are using HTTPS and that the two headers are set.

You can download WebAssembly builds here:

Right now, there is no official support for mobile platforms (e.g. Android). However, there are community-provided ports for some of these platforms. Since we do not own or control these, use of them is at your own discretion. Also, it might be possible that these ports are out of date or have a limited set of features. SuperTux is also not available for iOS and most likely never will be.