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May 14, 2020

SuperTux 0.6.2

The SuperTux Team is excited to announce the availability of SuperTux 0.6.2. This release fixes a number of bugs that were reported after 0.6.1. It also features reworked graphics and levels.

Other changes include a power-up counter in the hud, new sprites for the door, a new tileset and several new badguys. But overall, this release is supossed to celebrate our anniversary (May 2000) with a little surprise Add-On, which can be found in the contrib levels!


  • A new worldmap, “Revenge In Redmond” celebrating SuperTux’s 20th anniversary, which includes new enemies and sprites !!!
  • New and improved backgrounds and sprites
  • Improvements to many levels in the Icy Island and forest world
  • Speed improvements for levels using a huge amount of lava tiles
  • An issue causing the bridge in the forest world to not be shown in certain cases was fixed

If you’d like to help with SuperTux development, you can find more resources in our wiki at Please get in touch with us. The fastest way is usually IRC, but please wait if you don’t get an answer immediately. We urgently need more graphic designers and developers for future releases, help in these areas would be really appreciated.

A big thanks to all of our translators who worked very hard to translate the new strings in time.

Source tarballs and builds for Windows (32-bit and 64-bit), OS X/macOS and Linux (via AppImage) are available on the Downloads page, or via GitHub.

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