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Dec 23, 2021

SuperTux 0.6.3

The SuperTux team is excited to announce the release of SuperTux 0.6.3 after approximately 1.5 years of development. This release introduces many new features; perhaps the most new features in a long time!

Some of the most significant changes include:

  • WASM compilation! SuperTux nightlies can now be played directly in the browser (thanks to Semphris). See below for a link to an online version.
  • Added swimming (thanks to Daniel and Zwatotem)
  • Added walljumping (thanks to Daniel)
  • Autotiles (thanks to Semphris)
  • Updated animations (thanks to Alzter, Daniel and RustyBox)
  • Refreshed many contrib worldmaps (thanks to Servalot)
  • Many updates to paths, with easing, bezier curves, path sharing between objects, and more (thanks to Semphris)
  • Remade the crystal tileset (thanks to Alzter and RustyBox)
  • Many new snow tiles (thanks to Daniel)
  • Many new objects, like the sideways bumper and falling blocks (thanks to Daniel)
  • Custom particles (thanks to Semphris)
  • A new rublight object (thanks to HybridDog)
  • Official binaries for FreeBSD, Linux 32-bit and Ubuntu Touch (thanks to Semphris)
  • Added in-game progress statistics (thanks to Semphris)
  • New color picker based on OKLab (thanks to HybridDog)
  • Add-on creator, to easily create add-on packages with your world (thanks to Semphris)
  • Rework of the Revenge in Redmond worldmap (thanks to RustyBox)
  • Added timeshift ambience in the worldmap (thanks to Semphris)
  • Skippable cutscenes (thanks to Semphris)
  • Editor auto-saves at regular intervals (thanks to Semphris)
  • Optional integration with Discord (thanks to Semphris)
  • Updated translations, of course (thanks to translators)

And these are just the most significant changes; there are plenty of other small features and bugfixes for you all to explore :)

You may be wondering, “If there are so many changes, why not release 0.7.0?” The SuperTux Team would like to make significant progress on the story mode, including things such as finalizing the first two worlds and beginning work on the final two, before 0.7.0 is released. If you would like to help expedite the development of 0.7.0, you can contact us and help develop from there.

Source tarballs and builds for Windows (32-bit and 64-bit), OS X/macOS and Linux (via AppImage) are available on the Downloads page, or via GitHub. Additionally, you can play SuperTux 0.6.3 online at

Thank you, Merry Christmas, and happy SuperTuxing!!

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