May 20, 2015

SuperTux 0.3.5a Changelog

Whewph, what alot of changes, but here you go. We spent the last few days re-doing the website and updating its info.

The latest release (0.3.5a) Brought the following improvements over earlier versions:

  • move to SDL2 for graphics rendering
  • glow effects
  • new badguys: iceflame, ghostflame, livefire, goldbomb, smartblock
  • new bonuses: coinrain, coinexplode
  • statistics improved
  • icy island levels tweaked
  • new sounds
  • massive improvements to localization
  • efficiency tweaks
  • menus reworked
  • addon manager improved
  • new tilemap: halloween
  • new powerups: air- and earth-flower
  • support for horizontal gradients in levels (add (direction "vertical|horizontal") to your level)
  • A 64 bit Windows installer

Here is a link to video footage of SuperTux 0.3.5a courtesy of o11c.