Dec 3, 2015


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Stay tuned for further updates, especially regarding the upcoming stable release of SuperTux later this year.

May 21, 2015

SuperTux 0.4.0 plans

We (The SuperTux Team) have put our heads together, and we are going to try to officially release SuperTux 0.4.0 as a stable version sometime in December. We currently are planning on that month, so right now is a crucial time to have people bug testing. If you would like to help with bug testing you can find the latest downloads in the Download section. As always, if you come across a bug ( or what might be one, feel free to report it in our Bug Tracker. If you would like to help us get this release out you can find more information on our contact section.

May 20, 2015

SuperTux 0.3.5a Changelog

Whewph, what alot of changes, but here you go. We spent the last few days re-doing the website and updating its info.

The latest release (0.3.5a) Brought the following improvements over earlier versions:

  • move to SDL2 for graphics rendering
  • glow effects
  • new badguys: iceflame, ghostflame, livefire, goldbomb, smartblock
  • new bonuses: coinrain, coinexplode
  • statistics improved
  • icy island levels tweaked
  • new sounds
  • massive improvements to localization
  • efficiency tweaks
  • menus reworked
  • addon manager improved
  • new tilemap: halloween
  • new powerups: air- and earth-flower
  • support for horizontal gradients in levels (add (direction "vertical|horizontal") to your level)
  • A 64 bit Windows installer

Here is a link to video footage of SuperTux 0.3.5a courtesy of o11c.