If you enjoyed playing SuperTux and would like to say thank you, or help the project, you can donate! For now, you can use this page to donate. Later on, we might also provide the option of “purchasing” the game via some distributor (it would stay free and open source though).

From time to time we will also make available special gift packages to donors, usually in the form of add-ons or levels that are sent out to donors before being released to the public.

If you don’t want to use the buttons above, you can also use these details when making your payment:

  • PayPal:


Please be aware of the standard PayPal fees for low volume sales (at the time of the last update 0.30 USD + 2.9% per transaction for payments in US dollars). This should be taken into consideration before you are donating small amounts of money.


Donations help us improve the game and keep it alive. Examples of what the money could be used for are:

  • The domain
  • Servers for hosting websites, interactive game content, and development tools
  • Salary for artists that produce improved artwork
  • more…