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Dec 23, 2023

SuperTux Christmas 2023 Newsletter

It’s Christmas time! Here’s a summary of the most important aspects of SuperTux development progression, during 2023!


  • Full Icy Island remake.
  • On-the-way Forest World remake.
  • Work-in-progress Corrupted Forest remake.
  • Full remake of Revenge in Redmond.


  • Added badguys, such as Granito, Corrupted Granito, Root Sapling. Updated others, such as Igel, Zeekling. New Yeti sprites are on the way!
  • Many new (some on-the-way) features, such as custom main menu levels, script menu overhaul, worldmap screenshot previews, editor toolbox scrollbar, etc…
  • A lot of bugfixes!

Future plans

v0.7.0 is estimated to release in August 2024, where we have planned to also include the following:

  • New Ghost Tree sprites + revamp.
  • Yeti update with new abilities.
  • Introduction of more cutscenes.
  • Bonus Island 1 remake.
  • Christmas Special remake.
  • Halloween Special remake.
  • More new music.

Check out our Story Mode Roadmap for Story Mode future progression plans!

If you would like to help with development, you can contact us. Merry Christmas, and Happy SuperTux-ing!

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